The SAG Law Firm areas of practice include the following:

Personal Injury Law
Wage and Hour Law
Business Law Employment Law
Intellectual Property Law

Automobile/ Buses/Trains/ Planes
Wrongful Death Actions
Insurance Bad Faith
Malpractice (Professional Negligence)
Other Professional

      Our personal injury practice is dedicated to serving the injured and aggrieved consumer in a variety of legal conflicts. Our practice is focused on maximizing the recovery of injured individuals and their families. We have successfully represented clients in variety of matters, including automobile collisions, bicycle accidents, medical malpractice and premise liability actions.

Unpaid wages, salary, bonuses, commission and other compensation
Overtime wages
Minimum wages

     Our wage and hour law practice is dedicated to serving the aggrieved employee whose employer fails to abide by the laws protecting employee wages. We represent employees with a host of wage and hour matters including unpaid wages, untimely payment of wages, unauthorized deductions from wages, improperly classified employees, overtime payment and minimum wage entitlement.

Wrongful Termination
Contractual Claims

     While we represent both plaintiffs and defendants in a host of matters, our employment law practice serves mostly aggrieved employees whose employer wrongfully terminates the employment relationship or takes some other adverse employment action against the employee. Our firm has represented both employee and employers in matters involving claims of wrongful termination, harassment, discrimination and breach of contract.

Business Torts
Interference With Contractual Relations
Unfair Competition Claims
Intellectual Property
Trademark Law
Copyright Law
Trade Secret
Partnership Disputes
Contract Claims

     The firms business law practice consists of representing client’s interests with regard to a host of business related matters, including general counseling as well as litigation. The firm has successfully litigated matter in such areas as business torts, interference with contractual relations, unfair competition claims, intellectual property, trademark law, copyright law, trade secret, partnership disputes and contract claims.

Unfair Competition
Trade Secrets
Rights of Publicity

    The firms intellectual property practice consists of representing client’s interest with regard to patents, trademarks, copyrights, unfair competition, trade secrets, and rights of publicity. The firm practices all areas of intellectual property law including general counseling, licensing and litigation.